About the project

About Coal Seam Gas

About Coal Seam Gas

Coal Seam Gas (CSG) is natural gas found in coal deposits. The coal and gas are formed from plant matter under pressure over many millions of years. Coal seam gas is used in the same way as any other form of natural gas for cooking and heating as well as in industrial processes and electricity generation.

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About Liquified  Natural Gas

About Liquified Natural Gas

The end product of the Australia Pacific LNG Project is liquefied natural gas (LNG). On this project LNG is CSG in its liquid form. In order to create this liquid the gas is cooled to -161oC. The reason we transform it to liquid form is to make it easier to transport.

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Australia Pacific LNG Project Partners

Australia Pacific LNG Project Partners

Australia Pacific LNG is a CSG to LNG joint venture partnership between Origin, ConocoPhillips and Sinopec.

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The Australia Pacific LNG Project is a coal seam gas (CSG) to liquefied natural gas (LNG) project delivering a cleaner, greener sustainable energy source.

Australia Pacific LNG is already the largest producer of CSG in Australia, supplying gas to power stations  to produce lower emissions electricity; major industrial customers, homes and businesses in South East Queensland. The Project will see an increase in domestic gas production to further supply gas-fired power stations, major industrial customers and residents throughout Queensland.

It'll be a source of major investment through to 2020, creating around 10,000 jobs throughout the life of the Project, increasing local skills and boosting regional economies.

Importantly Queensland will have a new, long-term gas processing and export industry that generates significant benefits at regional, state and national levels.

And, although LNG export is a relatively young industry in Australia, the Project is making use of the experience of ConocoPhillips as a joint venture partner who already owns and has been operating an LNG facility in Darwin since 2006.

CSG on the other hand, is not a new industry for Australia. The Project's joint venture partner, Origin, has been working in regional Queensland for nearly 30 years and in the field of CSG for close to 20 years.

Want to know more about the Project? Explore the Australia Pacific LNG Project fact sheet.

The Project consists of three key parts:

  1. Further development of Australia Pacific LNG's gas fields in the Surat and Bowen Basins in south-west and central Queensland.

  2. Construction of a 530km gas transmission pipeline from the gas fields to an LNG facility on Curtis Island off the coast of Gladstone.

  3. An LNG facility on Curtis Island off the coast of Gladstone, with the first two gas production trains processing up to 9 million tonnes per annum.

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