Community investment

Investing in the community

Our four arms of community investment are:

  • social infrastructure,
  • partnerships,
  • sponsorships and donations, and
  • giving through volunteering.


Social Infrastructure – Listening to you

We believe that by doing things well we can be an asset to the community.

By working with local Councils we can help them manage enquiries, introduce programs that offset short term community issues and introduce sustainable solutions for long-term systemic community issues such as housing.

To do this, we need to speak with you and listen to you. We need the community to have a voice. So we’ve established some Community Committees. These Committees act as the social conscience and ideas generator to address social issues happening in the Project area. Members of the Committees include local government, educators, health practitioners, community service representatives, local businesses, community members and recreational representatives.

So far, we have four Community Committees:

  1. Maranoa Community Committee (joint with Santos)
  2. Western Downs Community Committee
  3. Banana Shire Community Committee
  4. Gladstone Community Committee (joint with QGC and Santos)


Read the minutes from the Community Committee Meetings

Horizon Housing Miles timeline (12MB)


We care about the members of our regional communities and how we impact their lives. By partnering with other businesses and local councils we can magnify the benefits to local communities.

Our young driver education program called CARS, is a partnership with the Royal Automobile Club of Queensland (RACQ) to train young drivers to cope with and adapt to changing traffic conditions in regional communities.

Read more about the CARS program.

We want to make a lasting contribution to the communities in which we are present. Our Community Skills Scholarships help local trainees build a career in their home town. Keeping them in the area so that local economies can benefit and families can stay together. We’re working with local businesses to address vital skill needs and to help people stay local by offering up to $13,500 to support them through their apprenticeship in a local trade.

Read about the Community Skills Scholarship program.

Sponsorships and Donations

We want to make a lasting contribution to the communities in which we are present. Our Community Investment Program is developed to help communities meet their priorities through supporting sponsorships and donations which meet the relevant assessment criteria.

We currently support a variety of local initiatives in areas like education; arts & culture; recreation; environment and indigenous related activities.

We invite applications for local community sponsorships and donations in the gas field and pipeline areas or in the Gladstone area. (1.55MB)


Giving through Volunteering

By integrating people who work on the Australia Pacific LNG Project into the community through our Volunteering Programs we can help communities, while giving our people valuable points of contact and life experiences.

Helping flood victims

A great example of this was during the floods earlier this year. Our staff and contractors provided over 350 man days of volunteer support in the gas field regions for flood clean-up and delivering food packages to families.

Helping flood victims