Darren Lockyer's Journey

Darren Lockyer's Journey

Rugby League legend Darren Lockyer is one of Australia's most respected sporting figures. His career highlights included captaining the Australian team, the record breaking Queensland State of Origin side and the premiership winning Brisbane Broncos. Darren grew up in Roma, right in the middle of where lots of Queensland's coal seam gas is found and he was keen to understand more about the industry.

Follow Darren's journey.

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Episode 1

What is Coal Seam Gas?

In this episode Darren finds out what CSG is, how it's extracted and how it's being used.

Learn more about Coal Seam Gas.

Learn more about the Australia Pacific LNG project.

Learn more about CSG as a cleaner energy source.

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Episode 2

CSG and the Land

Darren visits a landowner and hears about how agriculture and the CSG industry can co-exist. He also learns about the drilling process and visits one of Australia Pacific LNG's minimal disturbance drilling rigs.

Find out more about how Australia Pacific LNG works with landowners.

Learn about Australia Pacific LNG's approach to drilling and well integrity.

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Episode 3

CSG and Water

Watch as Darren learns about ground water and Australia Pacific LNG's management of water when it comes up to the surface from the coal seams.

Discover more about Australia Pacific LNG's sustainable water practices.

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Episode 4

CSG and Fraccing

In this episode Darren learns about what's involved with hydraulic fracturing or fraccing – how it's done, why it's done and what goes into frac fluid.

See a complete list of the additives in frac fluid.

Learn more about the process of fraccing and how it's used on the Australia Pacific LNG project.

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Episode 5

Australia Pacific LNG – the Opportunity

In the final installment of the series Darren catches up with an old friend and sees the benefits that the Australia Pacific LNG project has bought to the area in which he grew up. He reflects on the people he has met and the confidence he feels at the end of his journey through the gas fields.

Find out more about our commitment to the communities in which we operate.

Work with the Australia Pacific LNG project as a supplier or contractor.




At the time of release in February and March of 2013, all content in the videos was correct to the best of our knowledge and all people identified as Origin employees or contractors were such at that time.