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Australia Pacific LNG is a coal seam gas (CSG) to liquefied natural gas (LNG) project delivering a cleaner, greener sustainable energy source.

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Deeper questions

Darren Lockyer has headed back to the Queensland gas fields and to Gladstone to ask the deeper questions about natural gas and the Australia Pacific LNG operation.

The community projects are not high profile and that’s what I like about them
They do everything they can to minimise their impact on the environment

Episode 1 Water to landowners

Australia Pacific LNG provides around 15 billion litres of treated CSG water to land owners per annum.

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Episode 2 Aquifer re-injection

One way Australia Pacific LNG manages its water is through aquifer re-injection.

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Episode 3 Environment

Australia Pacific LNG take the responsibility of managing environmental impact very seriously and has strict monitoring programs in place.

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Episode 4 Contributing to local communities

Australia Pacific LNG is committed to delivering benefits to local education, culture and infrastructure that will live long beyond the life of the project.

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Episode 5 CSG to LNG

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Episode 6 Community engagement

Australia Pacific LNG is committed to local community engagement and sustainable long term growth.

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Darren's journey