Becoming a supplier

Our vision for growth in the regions where we operate is through partnership and commitment.

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Our commitment to supporting sustainable communities includes sourcing goods, supplies and services whenever it’s viable from local business and supporting local suppliers. That means suppliers from local regions, broader Queensland and Australia.

Everything, from food to tap washers, mechanics to manchester, equipment to training, if you have a product and meet our assessment guidelines you could become an Australia Pacific LNG Project contractor or supplier.

Origin Integrated Gas Supplier Prequalification System (OSPS)

Contracts to supply to Australia Pacific LNG's gas fields operations are managed by Origin, as Upstream operator.

Prequalification is a mandatory requirement for all applicable suppliers with Origin Integrated Gas (Origin IG). To assist in meeting these requirements, Origin IG has developed the Origin IG Supplier Prequalification System (OSPS). As part of this system, Origin IG will use the Achilles system to assist with prequalifying suppliers who choose to register with Achilles.

Achilles prequalification process:

There are three (3) potential stages in the Achilles system that a prospective supplier may need to undertake directly with Achilles. These include:

Stage 1 - Registration

All suppliers will need to complete Stage 1 Registration and provide basic information such as company contact details, products and/or services offered, trading address and region of supply. Completing this online component will take approximately 15-20 minutes. It is recommended that you view the Stage 1 Step by Step User Guide before commencing the questionnaire as once you start, you cannot save the submitted information until it is completed.

Stage 2 - Achilles Questionnaire

Based on your responses to the Stage 1 Registration, you may be invited to join the Achilles First Point Supplybase (FPS) Oil and Gas Asia Pacific Community. To join this community, your company may be asked to pay an annual subscription fee to Achilles. This subscription also provides you with the benefit of marketing your business to other oil and gas industry participants who are members of the FPS Oil and Gas Asia Pacific Community and use Achilles for their supplier prequalification.

Stage 3 - Achilles audits

Dependent on a supplier's risk rating from the information entered during Stage 1 Registration, your company may be asked to undergo either a desktop or on-site audit conducted by Achilles. An additional fee for the audit will apply.

Ready to Register?

To commence supplier registration, please visit the Achilles registration page.

Contact Information

If you have any questions about Achilles, please e-mail .  Alternatively, you can contact Achilles on +61 (0)7 3245 1744.


Stage 1 Step by Step User Guide

Achilles Oil & Gas Product and Services Code Guide (PDF)


Registration with Achilles and prequalification with Origin IG does not guarantee any business with Origin IG or that a supplier will be contacted by Origin IG.

Suppliers' approval for participation in sourcing activities may depend on their performance in any assessments/audits undertaken by Achilles.

Becoming a Supplier

Supplier Portal

To help you get your business details in front of purchasers, Australia Pacific LNG has established a Supplier Portal. The Supplier Portal provides you with an opportunity to register your business capabilities and interest in becoming a supplier to the Project. Here, you can establish a business profile detailing your goods, services and general capabilities and make sure your details are always up to date to assist us in the selection process.

The Supplier Portal is our primary means of communicating procurement information to our potential suppliers including details on industry briefing sessions and major contracts awarded. The Project needs suppliers ranging in size and capabilities. The Tiered Assessment Tool is an online assessment tool that steps you through a series of questions designed to identify your size and capability. The barometer then creates a road map of additional skills and training you require to increase your chances of successfully tendering for work on the Project.

Building Regional Capability

The Building Regional Capability Program (BRCP) has been developed to support local and regional businesses in the Surat and Gladstone area to meet the tender requirements for goods and services for the Project. To further enhance local supplier capability and tender readiness, the Project has developed a series of training programs which form the BRCP. Included in this initiative are programs focusing on Occupational Health and Safety, Workforce Planning, Supply Chain Management and preparing an effective capability statement. The BRCP is achieved through providing local suppliers with access to the tools and information needed to assess and build on their capacity to secure project contracts.

Supplier Information Sessions

Australia Pacific LNG runs Supplier Information Sessions to raise awareness of procurement processes and requirements; to build general Project awareness; and to broadcast opportunities for Australian industry to participate.

These Supplier Information Sessions focus on business opportunities in the local region, and provide hands-on workshops for potential suppliers.  Sessions have been held about Safety, How to complete an effective capability statement and how to identify your position in a Supply Chain and Risk Management.

Keep an eye on the Supplier Portal to see when the next Supplier Information Session is taking place in your area.

What if I'm not one of the big guys?

Just because your business isn't huge, doesn’t mean you won’t have an opportunity to work on the Project. There are tiered levels of suppliers ranging from the really large end of town through to small corner shop suppliers, to ensure we give a range of businesses a chance to work on the Project.

Check out the Tiered Assessment Tool to assess which category your business fits into.

Keeping up to date

Australia Pacific LNG runs industry briefing sessions which we have called Supplier Roadshows. These Roadshows focus on business opportunities in the local region, and provide hands-on workshops for potential suppliers.  Sessions have been held about Safety, How to complete an effective capability statement and how to identify your position in a Supply Chain.

Keep an eye on the Supplier Portal to see when the next Roadshow is taking place in your area.

How to become a supplier