Working with us

Gas field and pipeline jobs

Gas field and pipeline jobs

Origin Energy is responsible for the construction and operation of the gas fields and main gas transmission pipeline.


LNG facility construction and operating jobs

LNG facility construction and operating jobs

ConocoPhilips is responsible for the construction and operation of the LNG facility


Suppliers and contractors

Suppliers and contractors

Our commitment to supporting sustainable communities includes sourcing goods, supplies and services from local business and supporting local suppliers, whenever it is viable to do so.


There'll be opportunities – short and long term - for suppliers, contractors, and job seekers; both those starting out and experienced.

Australia Pacific LNG is gradually moving from the construction to operations and maintenance phase.

If you are interested in working with Australia Pacific LNG, you are able to search for current opportunities directly with each employer:

  • Origin for jobs in the gas fields

  • Bechtel for construction jobs at the LNG facility at Curtis Island.

  • ConocoPhillips for operational jobs at the LNG facility.

You are also able to set up a job alert for future opportunities with Origin, Bechtel and ConocoPhillips. This alert will notify you when new jobs in your area of interest become available.


Not sure if you've got the right skills? We'll help you get there

You might not have all the right skills now, or you may just be looking for a change in career or to get back into the workforce and need some training.

We work with a number of groups who can help provide this training or advice for you. Check them out here.


Construction Skills QueenslandEnergy Skills Queensland (ESQ)

ESQ leads energy industry and government engagement on vocational education and training, skills development and labour market issues. You can register your interest with them for opportunities and training in the CSG to LNG industry.


Queensland minerals and Energy AcademyQueensland Minerals and Energy Academy (QMEA)

The Queensland Minerals and Energy Academy (QMEA) works across 27 state and independent Queensland schools to assist young people to start highly rewarding and long term careers in the resources sector. You can see what courses and educational programs are available.


Construction Skills QueenslandConstructions Skills Queensland

Construction Skills Queensland is committed to assisting the Queensland building and construction industry by providing industry-wide help with training, up skilling and funding. You can see what training and construction jobs are available.