Social Impact Management

Social Impact Management

We respect the rights and interests of all communities.

Our people are dedicated to local community engagement, to listen and learn from what we hear, and to identify opportunities for sustainable long-term growth.

The decisions we make are transparent because we are confident that our intentions are right. We are also here for the long term. An injection of cash may be an easy short-term solution for example, but does little to support the community in 10 or 20 years time. Talking about issues is a necessary step but only if it leads to action.

Our Social Impact Management Plans (SIMPs) identifies actions that we will take to mitigate social impact. They establish a framework for a monitoring program that will monitor and measure the effectiveness of the SIMPs and our ongoing community engagement strategy.

Read our Social Impact Management Plans:

Minutes of Regional Community Consultative Committees

Maranoa Community Committee (Jointly with Santos GLNG)

Western Downs Community Committee

Gladstone Community Committee (Jointly with QGC and Santos GLNG)

Banana Shire Regional Community Consultative Committee